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Project "Improvement and promotion of the leading ...

This content is created within the Contract № BG161PO001 / 3.1-03 / 2010/022, the project "Improvement and promotion of the leading tourist attractions in Yambol", which is implemented with the financial support of Operational Programme Regional Development 2007-2013 "

Yambol after 09.09.1944 year
Yambol between 1878-1944
Yambol Mummers
Traditional Holidays and Entertainments in Yambol
Yambol Zeppelin
Regiments of Yambol
Freemasonry in Yambol
History of Museum Work
Brief History of Yambol
Anarchism in Yambol
The horse tram
The history of Yambol Drama theatre
Yambol Carol-Singers
Liberation of Yambol - 17.01.1878
Yambol during Renaissance
Turkish era
Yambol during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom
First Bulgarian Kingdom
Yambol during the Pre-Historic Era

Cultural information
center "Bezisten"
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